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FactoCloudConnect supports the below mentioned connectors, before understanding each connector, some of the important things in FactoCloudConnect.


First we need to create a Tag Provider named as FactoCloudConnect in Tags section in Ignition Gateway. This will appear in Tag Browser in designer. When FactoCloudConnect module installed, it will create some nessasary tags under this FactoCloudConnect Tag Provider.

AMQConfigTags - holds the ActiveMQ configuration details isTrialExpired - checks the module license state, wheter running in trial mode or not.

When a new transaction is created a Tag folder is created in FactoCloudConnect tag provider with same name as transaction name. this tag folder holds another 4 types of tag folders in it. They are

  • ConsumerTags - keeps the consumed tags data
  • ContorlTags - keeps the track for the messages sent and transaction status details
  • ProducerTags - keeps the actual data tags for sending the data.
  • TriggerTags - keeps the data tags for event based messaging based on trigger section in connectors.

Config & Trigger

Each connector has tabbed section for Config and Trigger.


Config section allows below options

  • Data Format - supported data formats by FactoCloudConnect are JSON, CSV, AVRO, SPARKPLUG-B.
  • Transfer Message Size - allows to specify the transfer message size in KB, default is 5KB.
  • Tags Per Message - allows to specify the no of tags per message to transfer.
  • Is Squential - this option allows to process the data in sequential way.
  • Store and Forward - this option allows to store the message and later forward the message to the desitination.
  • ActiveMQ Url - allows to specify external ActiveMQ url to use
  • Enale Log - this option allows to create the log of the messages.


Trigger section allows below options

  • Trigger Type - allows to send the messages are event based triggers, allowed trigger types are Timer, OnTagChange, OnTagChangeAndTimer, OnTagValueChange.

    • Timer event Transfers the messages on interval specified in Data Push Interval section.

    • OnTagChange event transfers the messages on any tag value changed in Trigger Tags folder, need to specify the Tag Scan Timer option

    • OnTagChangeAndValue event works like both OnTagChange and Timer based.

    • OnTagValueChange event transfers the message for selected tags from trigger tags and value condition based on those tags like equals, not equals, greater, greater than equal, less, and less than equal.

  • Data Push Interval - allows to push the data at certain interval of time, allowed interval are HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, MILLIS.

  • Tag Scan Timer - allows to read the tag value on given interval, allowed interval are HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, MILLIS.

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