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Licensing and activation

How Licensing Works

Like Ignition, FactoCloudConnect is licensed by the Ignition server, not the client. only you need one license for your Ignition server; any clients are automatically included. FactoCloudConnect license is unlimited so you don’t have to worry about running into limits after purchase.

FactoCloudConnect works on a combination of two licenses.

Effective Ignition License

Ignition Product license purchased from Inductive Automation and valid at the time of Factogrid Installation.

FactoCloudConnect License

Third Party FactoCloudConnect License key installed on the same gateway.

Following image can give you some idea about the license

Please Note

  • Valid Ignition License should be effective on the gateway at the time of installing or running FactoCloudConnect
  • Application will stop working if the Ignition License expires or is invalidated irrespective of the license status of FactoCloudConnect
  • A trial version of the license can be downloaded from the Third-Party Module Showcase to evaluate the product. Trial version will automatically expire after two hours post which it may be reset for another two hours for evaluation.
  • Any unauthorized copying or distribution of the license is prohibited.